Justice and Mercy ME: an online resource to help people of faith fight domestic poverty in Maine

Heather Blais, left, of St. Matthew's, Hallowell and a third year seminarian at BTS, with her mother, Deacon Rebecca Grant.

JusticeandMercyME is a web-based resource that seeks to encourage and empower people of all faith traditions to join in the battle to end domestic poverty here in Maine. We feature organizations that are making systemic changes through acts of justice, and organizations that are meeting the needs of the here and now through acts of mercy. We believe that if we each “Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God” that we can fulfill the hope of ending domestic poverty.

The idea for the project coincided when several clergy in the diocese decided to start a conversation about poverty in Maine and how the Gospel calls us to address the roots of poverty (justice) and, at the same time, respond to our neighbors in need (mercy.)  The group recognized that few people are imbued with  the gifts and inclinations to work on both at the same time.

Therefore, if we were to collect resources for congregations and ministries to learn more or take action or become involved, we would need to address the needs of both.  The hope was that such a collection of material could be shared with other denominations.  But how to gather it all?  What format could we use?  How would we get the word out?  Could it exist online?  Who might do it?

Enter BTS Seminarian Heather Blais.

In the midst of developing her senior project for her last year at Bangor Theological Seminary, Heather was thinking along the same lines.  Over the course of the last year, she has researched and gathered a great deal of information about social service and ministry agencies in Maine as well as Christian education curricula.

This spring justiceandmercyme.wordpress.com is born.  More work is left to do, but this is a great beginning as we raise the need for Maine’s people of faith to find a way to do justice and show mercy to the neediest of our neighbors.

Stay-tuned!  And thank you, Heather!

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  1. sheila seekins

    thank you for this initiative; it sounds so ambitious and essential