Update: Horrific news from South Sudan

UPDATE: Evidence of mass grave site near Episcopal Church in Sudan compound

Just last week, connecting through Boulis Kodi, a leader in Portland’s Sudanese community and a member of of Trinity Church, Portland, Bishop Lane spoke with Bishop Elnail by telephone to offer our prayers for the people in the Kordofan region.

Excerpt from Episcopal News Service:

Less than a week after South Sudan celebrated its long-awaited independence, Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail of the Episcopal Diocese of Kadugli has said it is “devastating and saddening” to learn that his people of the South Kordofan region, “friends, brothers and sisters, children, my flock, have been killed mercilessly and are lying now in mass graves in Kadugli.”

Read it all here.

A nicely done audio slideshow from Matthew Davies of Episcopal News Service:

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