Tree Street Youth summer program to extend to school year

Julia Sleeper, right, and Kim Sullivan talk with former Lewiston High School students who stopped by the Tree Street Youth center in Lewiston before heading off to college Tuesday. Abdi Jibirl, left, graduated from LHS in 2010 and is a student at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Shobow Saban, second from left, graduated from LHS in 2011 and is leaving for his freshman year at Assumption next week. Abdi Abdi, center, transferred from LHS to the Kent School in Connecticut and is a sophomore at University of Southern Maine. Sleeper taught all three how to read and write English starting in the seventh grade. Photo: Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Here’s a link to a great story in today’s Lewiston Sun Journal about Tree Street Youth, a program that grew out of Trinity Jubilee Center and supported by a the Diocese of Maine through a 2011 Foundations for Ministry grant.

Congratulations Tree Street Youth Program and Trinity Jubilee Center!  Here’s an excerpt from today’s story:

Tree Street’s summer program, which closed Aug. 12, served some 100 kids every day, Bowman said. If the program doesn’t reopen, “they’ll have no place to go. The library’s concerned. They can’t take 100 kids in after school. We have a need for more after-school programs.”

Sleeper, 25, [Tree Street’s Director] is a Brewer native who graduated from Bates College in 2008 and stayed in Lewiston to help disadvantaged children. She was involved in after-school homework help at Trinity’s Jubilee Center, but the demand outpaced available space.

When it opens Sept. 6, the program will offer separate homework rooms for elementary, middle and high school students, plus “hang-out rooms” where students can play air hockey and other games or participate in art, karate or dance.

The center is open to students from Lewiston-Auburn, but the primary focus is students in the downtown “tree streets” area: Birch, Pine, Walnut.

Read the entire story here.

Visit Tree Street Youth’s website

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