Bishop Lane reports from Program, Budget, & Finance

This week Bishop Lane spent time first at The Episcopal Church’s Executive Council and then  at the Joint Standing Commission on Program, Budget, & Finance (PB&F) in his role as Co-Chair.  That’s the body responsible for presenting the 2013-2015 budget to General Convention in July.  He writes about it in his blog:

This is my first experience with PB&F, and I must say it’s a bit daunting. Our work will need to be accomplished in five or six days at the General Convention. We will hold three hearings on July 4, 6 and 7, and the budget will be presented to the General Convention no later than July 10. It will be a time of concentrated effort. The situation is made more complex by the proposals for reform of The Episcopal Church being brought forward from many quarters. To craft budget to support a church in the midst of dramatic and rapid change is both really exciting and very challenging.

Read his entire post here.

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