WWJD revisited

The Rev. John Rafter, rector of St. Thomas’, Camden, invites you to weigh in:

Ten or fifteen years ago, the youth in the church I was serving then, as well as many of their friends around town, wore wristbands with the letters WWJD, short for What Would Jesus Do? As you may know, WWJD was a sort of stripped-down version of theological reflection, encouraging young people to make ethical decisions based on Jesus’ example. “If he were in this situation that I’m in, what would Jesus do?”
I’ve thought about WWJD recently in the context of the contemporary church. We have been called by God to live and minister in this time of profound change in our culture, and in the Christian Church itself. All of us responsible for making decisions in these times — and that’s all of us, whether a member of the vestry, a service guild, a committee, the staff, the clergy, or the congregation; whether doing outreach, planning a budget, teaching a class, preparing for worship, or showing up to pray — all of us desire to build up the church and serve the needs of the community. And so we seek the best and latest information, share important ideas, and work hard to be both creative and faithful.
And, of course, we pray. But speaking for myself at least, I sometimes pray for the success of what I want to do for God, when I should be praying for the success of what God wants to do through me. Knowing that about myself, I think the question for the Church to ask in these times is not, “What do we think we ought to do?” The question is not even, “What would Jesus do?” The question we really need to be asking is, What would Jesus have us do?
So what surprises do you think God might have in mind that we never even dreamed of?
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2 responses to “WWJD revisited

  1. Ernie King

    An important insight; I will incorporate it more firmly into my own daily prayers. Thank you fir sharing.

  2. Carol Huntington

    Thank you for this. I am thinking more re this and trying to write sucsinctly what I thnk, feel, believe.
    Important issue. will do my best to respond soon. Really hope others will as well.
    Peace, c