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Diocese of Maine Campus Missioner, the Rev. Shirley Bowen, is blogging over at

She responds the question provocative question posed to a group of college students, “What does the church have to say to me about sex?”

She writes, in part:

This was the question to and resounding response from a large group of students in a session I joined at a recent bi-annual Episcopal College Student Conference in Colorado between Christmas and New Years. Students from around the country gathered to talk about matters of faith, culture and their lives. The session covered many ethical issues students face.

Although silent until that moment, I couldn’t remain so any more. “I’d like to push back against that response, if you don’t mind. I think the church has a great deal to say to young adults about sex.” There were a few eye rolls, but they politely said, “Sure. Go ahead.” I could read it in their smirks; they were expecting Just Say No. But as we all know, sexual intimacy is much more complicated than that. This is what they heard…

Read it all here.

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