Super affordable Godly Play training comes to Maine

GodlyPlayLogoNewJoin people from churches all over our diocese for a weekend of exploring spirituality of children at Godly Play training on June 27-29.  It will also be a spiritual experience for you!

A large, one-time grant from the diocesan New Initiatives Fund enables us to have three nationally-known trainers and to reduce the usual $295 fee down to $50 per person.  The three-day training will be located at the church of St. Mary in Falmouth on Friday June 27 from 3:00p – 9:00p, Saturday June 28 from 8:00a to 5:00p and Sunday June 29 from 9:00a to 5:00p.

Register before June 5 for the $50 rate. Here are the registration sites for Core Training and for Advanced Training. (These sites also have more detailed information.)

If you would like childcare, contact Jenn Davidson  (from St. George’s) before June 5.  To arrange for housing or to offer housing, contact Emily Keniston (from St. Ann’s) before June 5. To borrow books, contact Canon Jane Hartwell.

We’re offering this training because although there are lots of things you can learn from a lecture, Godly Play is best learned from the inside out.  You will experience and learn to tell biblical stories in a collegial, prayerful setting.  Godly Play Foundation’s talented trainers will deepen your understanding of children’s spirituality while guiding you on a personal journey of wonder.  By exploring the fundamental foundations of a Godly Play class with us, you will improve your teaching skills, learn how to build a classroom of your own and leave spiritually refreshed.

Are you wondering about Godly Play?  Godly Play is probably one of the best programs that a church can offer for children ages 3-10.  It is used in churches all over our diocese.

Godly Play is a creative and imaginative approach to Christian nurture.  The curriculum provides the stories and language for children to explore and articulate their experiences of God, and to become part of a worshiping community. It’s Montessori-based and is used in Sunday schools, homes for the elderly and churches.  Godly Play invites listeners into biblical and sacramental stories and encourages them to connect the stories with personal experience.  It uses symbols and objects as well as words.  Godly Play invites kids and adults into a larger dimension of relationship with God through wondering questions and open-ended response time.

If you have questions, contact Emily Keniston, Chairperson of Maine Episcopal Christian Ed Collaboration.

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