Introducing Planned Giving on Demand

by Lisa Meeder Turnbull
Diocesan Stewardship Consultant

The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) has just released Planned Giving on Demand, a new resource to support congregations in their planned giving ministry. Whether you have a well-established legacy stewardship program or are just beginning to think about how legacy stewardship might benefit your congregation, Planned Giving on Demand offers both a robust toolbox and a supportive leadership structure to help you keep things moving forward.

The Planned Giving on Demand toolkit includes familiar bedrock pieces such as Funding Future Ministry and Planning for the End of Life, as well as a new user guide that breaks the process into user-friendly stages that lead to a successful and sustainable program. In addition, Planned Giving on Demand offers access to a private website that serves as a clearinghouse for up-to-date print and electronic resources.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Planned Giving on Demand is the Planned Giving Shepherds Community. A Planned Giving Shepherd is a member of the congregation who takes it has his or her ministry to guide the process and serve as a resource person within the parish. Shepherds receive invitations to regularly scheduled ECF-hosted online discussions as well as to online discussions that I will host to nurture a legacy stewardship network with the Diocese of Maine.

If this sounds like something that would be useful in your congregation, consider yourself invited! I have purchased a number of Planned Giving on Demand toolkits on behalf of Maine congregations and would love to include as many congregations as possible in launching a network.

Ready to roll? If your congregation already has a legacy stewardship program in progress or has committed to engaging the process, you need only send me the name and contact information for your Planned Giving Shepherd and I will take it from there!

Not quite sure? On Monday, January 12, I will host a mainestewards webinar, “Planning for Planned Giving,” from 7:00-8:00 p.m. This discussion will include an introduction to Planned Giving on Demand. To participate, simply go to at the appointed time; look for “stewardship” on the list of meetings scheduled for that day; click “join” to enter the meeting site.

Want to talk it over? I am happy to talk by phone or via Skype with clergy and lay leaders who are potentially interested in Planned Giving on Demand. Please e-mail me at to set up a time.

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