Join us!

The following are the invitations we invited  Maine Episcopalians – real people – to compose for people interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church in Maine.

If you are hungry for good and caring friends,
If you are hungry for deeper connection with the Holy and all of creation,
If you are hungry to pose questions and be open to new answers,
If you are hungry to find meaning in your life,
If you are hungry to serve others,
If you are hungry – come, join us for the feast in the Episcopal Church!

I invite you to visit an Episcopal Church in Maine. Try several, if possible. If the church has more than one service, try them all and choose the one you like best. You are sure to find welcoming folks, enlightening sermons, uplifting music, and time for peaceful reflection.

How about coming with me Wednesday night next week to the supper we have at St. Paul’s?  It will be simple, but good, and it’s come-as-you-are, and it won’t cost you anything.

Help wanted! We have openings for learners at every level to join us in living out our Baptismal Covenant in this time and this place. The Episcopal Church welcomes all to join us in seeking to know the will of God as we live together in a community of faith. An open heart, willing hands and an a desire to be a part of a faith community are all of the qualifications needed! Join us, please!

We Episcopalians have been around, doing more or less the same thing every Sunday, for almost 500 years. We may not have everything right — do you know any one who does? — but we keep on trying. Why not join us and see for yourself?

Join us!! Come for a visit, and if you like what you see, “stay for a lifetime”. Many Episcopalians are those who come to us as adults, seeking something they can’t seem to find in previous worship experiences, and finding that the Episcopal Church is a “good fit”! You can be as “public” or “private” about your worship as YOU choose to be!

Do the words “church” “preaching” and “religion” suggest stiffness, restrictions, and rules-and-punishment to you? Come find out why “worship” isn’t dreary, see how laughter and music fit into meeting God’s expectations, and how one hour spent well can change your whole week. Learn here what it is about us that you want in your life too!

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey as we seek a deeper understanding of God’s loving acceptance of all people. In uncertain times, we walk together in the light of the love of God, which casts back all darkness and shows us the glory of the world in which we live.

Please come join us. Sit with us in service and during coffee hour. Please feel free to come and ask questions, even those of faith. We would love to have a conversation with you. And if you can not make it Sunday, please give us a call and we will meet you at another time and even in another place.

My mom always says, ‘Come to the Episcopal Church! It’s a new show every week!’

I know you feel the loss of church and the sense of belonging to a congregation. The Episcopal Church is quite similar, but welcomes everyone. Our congregation has great diversity and is not at all judgmental.  Maybe you’d like to come on Sunday. I could look for you so you wouldn’t feel alone.

Every question is welcome, seekers are welcome, you don’t have to shut off your mind, faith and science are compatible. We are not fundamentalists but strive to live with integrity and do what Jesus did and be about what Jesus was about. Join us!

Come, be with us – worship with us, work with us on a community service project, and join in our ongoing discernment of how we are Christ’s hands, feet and voice in the world today.

The Episcopal Church in Maine is a group of people who seek to know God and Christ through worship, prayer, and service. We have a rich tradition that informs how we worship and pray. But at the same time, we know that the church in the 21st century is changing, and we know that we must learn how to be a new church for the 21st century. As you are on your own spirtual journey, you can join us in exploring how to be a new church! This is your opportunity to help form the church that you need.

Come and visit us on Sunday for our service of worship and for coffee and goodies afterward.  We offer friendship, support, and a haven; we strive to embody God’s love in the world.

I began my search for a new religion after wandering in the desert as a young person, and it only took walking in the door of the local Episcopal Church for me to know I had come home at last. Your search may not be that brief or decisive, yet there is a world of discovery and meaning and love awaiting you if you will dare to go exploring!

Come. Worship and work with us. Listen, question, and reflect in the safety of our community. Help us to understand how you understand God and let us share our understanding so that we can both become stronger together.

Come join and share. You just need to experience it first hand.  Words are not sufficient.

Come on in to a safe fellowshiip of seekers where your heart and brain will get involved in a venture that will feed your soul and lead you to be more a servant for others.


To find a congregation near you, contact information, web sites and service times, click here for our parish listings.


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