Question: What would you say to welcome someone who might be interested in spiritual things and perhaps interested in trying church but who doesn’t know much about the Episcopal Church … or any church … or  God?

The following are the responses to this question by Maine Episcopalians – real people –  in the fall of 2010.

Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of Maine where faith and reason converge, a place where you will find the love Christ, and where you will feel accepted regardless of where you are on your personal and faith journey.

The thing I like best about our church is its openness. I feel I can explore Christianity and my spirituality without fear of being required to conform in any way.

No matter who you are or where you came from, this is a place where you will be accepted. Please come and sit down. Let us get to know you as you get to know us.

Ancient worship, modern thought in a church that respects reason and a diversity of people and thought.

We are all searching for answers–about ourselves, about God and about the meaning and purpose of our lives. In the Episcopal Church, our altar is God’s table–and everyone is welcome here. Come, let’s search together.

Hi! I’m Ida. I’m so happy you came to our Services this morning and hope you will want to come back next week. Please stay for “Coffee Hour” afterwards and we will find time to talk and you can meet some more of us.

Welcome to the Episcopal Church – We love God and follow Jesus Christ, who never put conditions on who he would embrace – neither do we. Our worship services are open to all, without exception, and are based on our belief in the scripture, tradition, and rational thinking.

Are you interested in finding a community of faith, a group of people who wish to love and serve God and their fellow man? Why not visit your local Episcopal Church, where you will find who wish to love God and others, and still can be themselves. The Episcopal Church is known as the “thinking person’s church.

Our church may not be God’s kingdom on earth, but it’s the next best thing to it!

People of faith, believers though not literal and certainly full of questions, trying to discern God’s will for ourselves, the church and our world. If that sounds too lofty, it’s really not!

We are a group of people looking, searching, and committed to welcoming ALL people from all walks of life. We seek to include not exclude, to offer shelter and sanctuary in a world that can seem hostile and confusing.

We are a community of people who search for spiritual meaning and genuine relationship with God using their hearts and their minds. We value the beauty of traditions and sacred texts, and we feel called to use our talents and gifts for the common good. Everyone is included fully as they are: a blessed and loved child of the Creator.

Feel something’s missing in your life? You may need just what we would like to help you find – a relationship with God. We are the Episcopal Church and we’re here for you!

We are a place that nurtures the soul and helps address the questions, “why am I here?” and “what is my life supposed to be about?” Church provides a community where one is supported in the uncertainties of life.

Welcome.. you are loved by God and us..The Episcopal chuch is a place to learn about that love and how it can be the tie to everything in your life. A place to be safe, to learn, to explore..to grow..and develop your spirituality.

We care about you here; it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. We are open to new ideas and new experiences. We cherish each other and God, and we want to share our joy.

Full of questions and other forms of uncertainty? Want to meet other people in the same place who are willing to join with you in this quest for answers? Come to church — it’s a place where seekers gather to support one another in this thing called Life.

Welcome to our church, where you can hold your head high and never have to look over your shoulder. You are as important to God as the rest of us, and we would love to show you why.

Welcome to the church with room for everyone. We engage our minds, bodies, and all our senses in the worship and praise of God, and we take good care of our neighbors.

The Episcopal Church, people who see God in all creation with open hearts, open minds, eclectic acceptance, uplifting liturgy that stands the test of time.

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