Question: What is our worship like and why would anyone what to join us?

The following are the responses to this question by Maine Episcopalians – real people –  in the fall of 2010.

We are not stuffy! We open our doors to everyone. The book of Common Prayer we go by has been around for a long time but many of our thoughts our new. We find God in the way that we come together on Sundays. We do this through prayer and this coming together is central to our life together with God and Jesus’ teachings.

What has meant a lot to me in the Episcopal Church is that I wasn’t expected to know everything or understand everything that was going on at a worship service. But I was curious. As I learned more from individuals, or from some group gathering to study the Bible and how to connect it to modern times, I got a strong sense of being part of a great history going back to apostolic times.

Our worship is centered around the table-the Lord’s table. All are welcomed here. In the Book of Common Prayer you will find prayer for all aspects of life.

Our style of worship is flexible. The Book of Common Prayer has services and prayers for many occasions during the day and is useful for personal prayer and scripture reading. The beauty of the liturgies in the prayer book surpass anything I have experienced and when we join in corporate worship there is a sense of power and union from the Holy Spirit. Worship is at church’s core and all good works flow from that experience.

Because we share a commitment to a sacramental form of worship, that means that we bring all our differences to a sacred space where the differences are put to the service of our common belief.

Sometimes it might seem stiff and formal but the opportunity to reflect on what the sharing of communion means every week is nice, I think it is the center of our worship. There are lots of alternatives in music and I like that the prayers are spoken in unison.

The Book of Common Prayer tells our story through orders for daily prayer, Eucharist, and services to support the landmarks of our lives. When we celebrate the Eucharist each Sunday, we retell, through music, readings, prayers, and preaching, our particular Christian story of encounters with God and lives informed by these encounters. Our liturgy follows a pattern rooted in the earliest days of Christians gathering in house churches hidden from the prying eyes of the Roman authorities. You can feel the presence of generations with you in spirit.

Our worship is rich with tradition and open to free expression . Our Book of Common Prayer tends to be our guide through our services and prayers, it keeps us all on the same page.We find God in our worship and prayer as we discover God in us and in others and how developing our spirituality equips us to reach out to other in love.. .prayer together makes us part of a ” family’, a family of God’s people. Equiping us for our work within ourselves and in the world.

Come pray with us and, even if our ways don’t seem familiar, you’ll soon catch on as so many others have. Never hesitate to ask for help. We’ve been at this for hundreds of years so we know our way around!


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