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Convention results on the fly

Jane Najim of St. Andrew's, Newcastle

As of 2 p.m.  Resolution 1 and Resolution 2 passed unanimously.  Click here to see the Convention resolutions.

Election Results:

Secretary of the Diocese (1-year term): Mr. Alan Shaver, Grace Church, Bath

Treasurer of the Diocese (1-year term): Mr. Richard Rozene, St. Ann’s, Windham

Standing Committee, Clerical Member (3-year term): The Very Rev. Ben Shambaugh, Cathedral Church of St. Luke, Portland

Standing Committee, Lay Member (3-year term): Mr. Bruce Dalbeck, Trinity, Portland

Disciplinary Board, Clerical Member (3-year term): The Rev. Martha Kirkpatrick, St. Margaret’s, Belfast

Bruce Dalbeck with the Trinity, Portland, banner during the procession

Disciplinary Board, Lay Member (2-year term): Ms Cynthia Widdows, Cathedral Church of St. Luke, Portland

Disciplinary Board, Clerical Member (1-year term):  The Rev. Jud Pealer, Good Shepherd, Rangeley

Provincial Synod, Clerical Deputy (2-year term): The Rev. Kit Wang, St. Stephen’s, Waterboro

More to come!  Check out our photo album on Facebook (you don’t need to be on Facebook to view the album.)

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Greetings from Diocesan Convention

Lay delegates are welcomed to Convention

Three hundred Episcopalians from the 65 Episcopal congregations across the Diocese of Maine are gathering at Sunday River in western Maine.  On Friday morning options include discussing some of the 14 resolutions to come before the convention over the next few days, the proposed 2012 budget and workshops on topics such as Palestine-Israel relations, creating a parish history, and new stewardship initiatives.

Convention, which begins at 12:30 p.m. this afternoon, will start with a procession representing all congregations, worship and song.

Some of the banners from Episcopal churches across the Diocese

Keep up with convention results and up-to-the-minute photos and video here, on our Facebook page, and on our diocesan website.

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A Convention Welcome from Bishop Steve

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Our Help is in the Name of the Lord: Maker of Heaven and Earth

The 192nd Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine.  How time flies!

All the info delegates, alternates, visitors, exhibitors need to know is now available online here

You’ll find –

  • meal information and a reservation form
  • Pre-Convention hearing dates and location
  • Convention schedule
  • Friday morning optional workshops and program opportunities
  • display/exhibit registration information
  • hotel reservation information (deadline: September 21!)
  • nominations
  • resolutions
  • 2012 proposed diocesan budget (spreadsheet and narrative)
  • 2012 congregational assessments
  • and SO much more….

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Comments welcome on Mission Study Groups’ draft resolutions

From Bishop Stephen Lane:

The Mission Priorities and Mission Strategy Study Groups, appointed following the 2009 Diocesan Convention, have been hard at work for the past 18 months listening to many, many voices in the Diocese of Maine.

Their efforts have been focused on making recommendations for how our 65 congregations can become God’s people strengthened for mission in our local communities, how we can collaborate, and how we can learn together from each success and each challenge faced in ministry across Maine.

The Study Groups have produced seven draft resolutions for consideration by our Diocesan Convention in October.  However, before they are refined and submitted to the Resolutions Committee for review, they are being made available for comment on our diocesan website.

The seven draft resolutions, with links to offer reactions and comments, may be found here. (There is also a direct link to the resolutions from the diocesan home page at

Bishop Steve’s letter to the Diocese.

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The Presiding Bishop writes the President

Here’s a link to Episcopal Cafe’s reporting on the letter the Most. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori has sent to President Obama on the Middle East peace process.  [read more…]

At the Diocese of Maine’s annual convention in October 2010, clergy of the diocese and lay delegates from our 65 congregations passed the following resolution presented by the Maine chapter of Episcopal Peace Fellowship on our role as peacemakers in Palestine.

Resolved that the Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine formally recognize that the Holy Land has a unique place in the history of Christianity and the roots of the Christian faith as well as the history and faith of Islam and Judaism; and be it further

Resolved the Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine approve the Episcopal Peace Fellowship-Maine Chapter recommendation that we all


to help ease the conflict between Israel and Palestine in order to move into a peaceful and just solution as soon as possible; and be it further

Resolved that we support efforts to better understand and help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and be it further

Resolved, that we acknowledge the complexity and emotionally charged atmosphere of debates on the issues inherent in that conflict, and be it further

Resolved that churches in the Diocese of Maine be encouraged to overcome long-standing reluctance to talk about this conflict, recognizing the strong emotions involved on all sides, and to engage in informational programs and open-minded discussions, aimed at increasing understanding on all sides, facilitated, if requested, by members of the Maine Chapter of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

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