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The people of St. Andrew’s, Readfield, consider what it means to be church

image by the Kennebec Journal

For many years St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Readfield has worshiped and served its community in leased space at the Union Meeting Hall.  Last year the leadership was notified that the lease was up in May 2012.  Since then the people of St. Andrew’s have experienced a wide range of reaction to the news and have launched an effort to look for a new home.  While they have narrowed in on the final few options, Senior Warden Bryant Hoffman describes, in an op-ed in the Kennebec Journal last week, the heart-wrenching questions that arise when a church is forced to move its physical location.

He writes –

We agree we can still bake 76 pies for the food bank at Thanksgiving, give two students scholarships each year, have a variety of local and regional commitments for outreach, and worship together as we stay together … somewhere. We have concerns about a lot of things to come, but we know we will stay together and continue to worship and serve the Lord, wherever the Lord puts us.

Read the entire column here.

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