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Check out Bishop Steve’s new blog posts

Bishop Steve organizing his stuff at General Convention in Anaheim. That was 19 months ago. The 77th General Convention in Indianapolis is only 16.5 months away.

Bishop Steve is a master at blocking out the buzz of an airport and using the time he waits for flights to blog about his visits around the Diocese and across the Church.  Yesterday he was on his way to Fort Worth, Texas, to attend the Executive Council meeting.  He’s there in his newly appointed role as Vice-Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance.

PB&F, as it’s known, is a core body in the Episcopal Church.  It is the group that develops the three-year or triennial  budget that is presented for approval at each General Convention.  Each of the nine provinces in the Episcopal Church is represented by a bishop (appointed by the Presiding Bishop), and two lay or clergy deputies to General Convention (appointed by the President of the House of Deputies).  So that Bishop Steve is the new vice-chair is a big deal, but he wouldn’t ever say that.

Instead, he’s writing about his most recent visitation to St. Matthew’s in Lisbon and time spent in Iowa last week with a group that shares innovative ministry ideas called Living Stones.

Take a look.

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