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Where do we find Jesus? A sermon for Lent 5

From Bishop Steve’s sermon at St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church, Bar Harbor, last Sunday:

 Jesus says, if you want to see me,  follow me. Come with me, be where I am. Join me in my work. The challenge of our lessons today is that there is a deep connection between seeing and following. Indeed, following may allow us to see, may open our eyes to Jesus’ presence.

We are invited this morning to consider where we have seen Jesus at work, where we have been moved to follow. Have we allowed ourselves to be in the places where Jesus is – where there is suffering, where there is grief, where there is oppression? Have allowed our hearts to be moved with compassion by the needs of others? Have we shared what we have for the welfare of others? Have we spoken a word of kindness, a word of blessing, a word of hope?

Read it all here.

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