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Green Grants available to fund energy audits

Do you ever wonder when you turn up the heat on a Sunday morning whether your church is warming the great outdoors as well as this inside? Do you wonder if there are better, less expensive and more efficient ways of heating the water you need at church rather than 24/7? Do you ever wonder if there are resources from the Diocese of Maine to assist in answering these questions?

Wonder no more!

In March the Diocesan Council allocated $3,000 for a Green Grant program to allow Maine congregations to perform an energy audit for church buildings. Any congregation in the Diocese of Maine is eligible to complete a simple application form to request up to $500 to pay for an audit. To receive a Green Grant from the Diocese of Maine, the audit must be conducted by an auditor certified by Maine Housing.

A list of those auditors may be found at www.mainehousing.org/programs-services/energy/certified-energy-auditors.

All audits funded in full or in part by a Green Grant must be completed by December 31, 2012.

Maine congregations that complete an energy audit will be eligible to apply to the Trustees of Diocesan Funds for a low-interest loan to fund the recommendations of the audit. Information on the Trustee’s loan program is available  here or from Canon Terry Reimer in the Diocese of Maine Finance Office at 800.244.6062 x134 or treimer@episcopalmaine.org 

Apply now by clicking here. Applications will be funded in the order in which they are received. In other words: first come – first served.

Also, Maine congregations may be eligible for rebates and special programs and purchasing options from the small business programs of Efficiency Maine. Click here for a pdf outlining some of the rebates and programs offer. (See page two for small business offers.)

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