who we are

Welcome to the Episcopal Church in Maine!

We are 65 year-round congregations – from York Harbor to Presque Isle, Rumford to Eastport – filled with people who seek to love and serve God with gladness and singleness of heart, and to seek and to serve Christ in all persons. That the simple answer, straight from the Baptismal Covenant found in the Book of Common Prayer.

Recently we decided to ask Maine Episcopalians how they would answer questions about their church community and the ministry we do together. We also asked what they would say to people who were interested in finding out more about God and the role a faith community might play in their lives.

We got some awesome answers!

Click on the “answers” links below to see what real Mainers – who actually go to church – have to say about the Episcopal Church in Maine and why YOU should join them.

Question: What would you say to welcome someone who might be interested in spiritual things and perhaps interested in trying church but who doesn’t know much about the Episcopal Church … or any church … or even God?


Question: What is our worship like and why would anyone what to join us?


Question: Who’s in charge? How do we make our decisions? How do we share responsibility for our life, worship and mission?


Question: How do we serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in the world around us? In our local communities? Within the state of Maine? Across the wider world?


Our invitation(s) to you!

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